Thursday, February 12, 2009

Christmas 2008

Christmas was a lot of fun this year. We had our church family Christmas dinner at the beginning of the month:

I can't figure out how to turn these pictures. I've never has this problem before.

Claire made these pails for her friends with snowball soap,a washcloth and treats. I didn't get any pictures making the soap. It was kind of messy, but a really fun project.

Ella with Mr. Rick and Miss Kim (aka Missu Week an Miss Tim)
Ella loved the doctor kit she received at the gift exchange and couldn't wait to show Santa.Here she is enjoying her doctor's kit. She has a very unique bedside manner!Claire asked me on the way home who was dressed up like Santa. When I asked how she knew it was someone dressed up she said "Cause his beard was moving all over his face and Santa's doesn't do that. He also gave us chocolate and Santa gives us toys!" Sorry Gary the gig is up!
We had a little early Christmas celebration at home before going to NC. It started with our family tradition of fondue for dinner and then a few gifts to open.

Claire received a Nintendo DS which she has not stopped playing since.
Next it was off to North Carolin a to spend Christmas with family. The cousins all together.

Reading the Gingerbread Baby
Love this picture of Harper and her "Muncle Egg"!

Aunt Da's Christmas pancakes

Miscellaneous pics from the zoo. We've been enjoying our zoo passes this year.

The girls love the white tiger and think it's neat that it is found in Asia.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Floridians + Fall Mountain Leaves= Lots of Pictures

We took an unexpected trip to Franklin, North Carolina this month. Ed's parents usually spend the month of October in the mountains at their cabin. While they were there, Ed's dad became very sick and we drove up to help them drive back home. He's doing much better now. While we were there, we were able to see the leaves changing colors and do a few fall activities that we don't normally get to do in Florida.

Ella got some more pumpkin lovin'. She did this last year too, I don't know why but when she sees a "pukin" she's just gotta love on it!
I sure wish she'd do this on our potty at home!We found a beautiful park on the lake.... ...and Claire discovered static electricity!!
If you're throwing rocks in the lake and one doesn't go as far as you want it to then.... just walk right out, pick it up, and try again!!
Colored leaves were a huge fascination. and so was a dirt hill with no ants..(mommy had to just look away)