Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day was a lot of fun. Claire's class at school had a picnic for all the mothers. They had been working on projects all week for their mothers. Here's a few pics:
All the moms had crowns and pins to wear
below are the projects Claire made me. Notice the mom's portrait, apparently I have gray hair and look alot like Mama from Mamas family!!

The children filled out a paper with information about their mom. Here's what it says:

My mommy has gray hair and blue eyes.

I think that my mommy is 14yrs old.

Her favorite color is purple and her favorite tv show is American Idol.

My mommy likes to eat chicken and drink coke.

My mommy likes to buy food when she goes to the store.

My mommy looks very pretty when she comes to pick me up from school.

I love it when my mommy buys me toys.

When I'm at school, my mommy is working.

For mother's day I'd like to buy her a necklace.

I love my mommy because she buys me toys.


Sunday we had a busy day at church and then Claire and I headed off to the pool while Ella and Daddy took a nap. Here are a few pics taken after church: