Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Gettting Closer

Okay, so we haven't kept up with our blog like we planned to, but there really hasn't been much news to share on the adoption front. Things have stayed at a very slow pace for some time now and there is no speed up in sight. The good news is we have to be getting close now. In fact we might eek in on the next batch of referrals! Our log in date (Date registered in China) is 10/10/05. Currently China is working on those logged in after 9/28/05 and the first week of October was closed so there were no log in dates until the 7th. So as you can see we are very close. Referrals are expected to come out sometime in the next 2 weeks. Needless to say not knowing if we will make into this batch or the next and yet being so close has made us quite anxious, okay well, it has made me quite anxious. Ed has his usual take-it-as-it-comes attitude which is a quality that I don't think I will ever aquire. I will continue to keep the antacid companies in business while I deal with my "paper pregnancy" pre-term labor symptoms.

I think it is safe to finally share our nursery pics with you. Ella's room of course has been done now for the past 10 months because I, being the over anxious planner, wanted to make sure we were prepared and ready. It has been slowly added too and the furniture has even been rearranged once already but it is done and I have no plans to do anything else to it unless of course we end up waiting another 16 months then I might just paint over it and start over!

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