Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What a Week

We've had a rough week this week. The week started with a trip to the chiropractor because I pulled a muscle in my back. On Ed woke up with gout in his left ankle. He's experienced this before and although it's painful, he knows that he has to stay off it, ice it, and give it time to heal. This means mommy was on her own. That evening the pediatrician called and said that Ella's lab work had come back and she had parasites. This just requires a ten day course of antibiotics--no big deal except that the medicine tends to cause stomach cramps. Friday, I took Ella to her well baby exam. She is doing really well. She is in the 25Th percentile for head circumference and weight (17lbs,she has not gained any weight due to the parasites) and 50Th percentile for height (27 inches). She will be starting physical therapy soon to give her a little boost with her mobility as she is nowhere near crawling yet. Other than that she was doing so great that they gave her five immunizations to start catching her up.(This will never happen again). I returned home to find Ed in excruciating pain. It appeared that he had gout in his right knee now as well. He could not even walk. We went straight to the emergency room and were there until 9:30pm. He was given two shots and some pain medication that caused some severe flu-like side effect for two days afterwards. When we arrived home poor Ella was running a fever and miserable. She was up all night not sleeping more than twenty minutes at a time. It took us all weekend to recover but we are finally on the mend. Here are a few pictures from the first part of the week.

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