Thursday, December 13, 2007

A glimpse into the 4yr old mind

Ella and Claire taking a Sick Day

The girls have both been very sick this week. Saturday night I finished the last Christmas Cantata performance and came home around 9:30pm to find Claire with a 104 degree temp and Ella with a 101 degree temp. After some failed attempts to reduce Claire's fever , I ended up taking her to the ER. We were there until 3:30am. They gave her some medicine, took x-rays of her chest, and gave her a breathing treatment. She took all of this in stride, but then they walked in with a "Looney Toons" hospital gown and asked her to remove her "Belle" nightgown and put on the hospital nightgown. This was too much to ask. You can do whatever medical treatments necessary but you don't mess with fashion!! Needless to say she could not wait to get back into her own nightgown and she also made sure she put a nice smile on for her x-ray "picture" despite feeling so badly. I honestly don't know where she gets this from!!! Anyway, it turns out both girls have a pretty good case of bronchitis, so we've been staying in and taking some time to recover. Yesterday, we finally ventured back out to Target get a few Christmas errands done. As we were leaving to go back to our car, Claire noticed an SUV parked next to us. She said "Mommy what's this car doing here, when we got here there was a blue "lowercase" car parked here?" I guess Pre-K is paying off!!

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