Sunday, January 06, 2008

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve day running a few last minute errands and getting ready for the big event. After the girls took a nap we decided to give them their "big" present early because it was forcasted to rain on Christmas Day.

Here's the first few moments or should I say hours we spent on the new swingset!

After playing on the new swingset, we had fondue for dinner. This year, the menu consisted of cheese fondue with hotdogs, pretzels, apples, and bread for dipping. We will hopefully upgrade our menu as the girls get older!

Here's Ella doing a few leg lifts before bed

and some nightly wrestling with Claire -- Yes, they are such little ladies!!

one last check on the gift tally

a picture for mommy

and a sprinkling of reindeer food and glitter to help Santa know where to land.

then it was off to bed!!

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