Saturday, April 05, 2008

Happy Easter!

The girls in their Easter dresses Sunday morning

Ella's first egghunt was alot of fun. The girls often go outside and collect acorns in a basket. This was just like collecting acorns but they were a lot bigger and prettier...

Oh my what beautiful acorns!!
and so many!!!
Better get to work.... My basket is full....

let me help you fill yours!!Claire was in the "big kid" egg hunt this year. She started going to Children's Church in January (Ages 5-11). She loves it! This also means that she sits in "big church" through song service and through the whole service once a month. It has been interesting to watch her experience and see what Mommy and Daddy do at church. The other day she was sitting at her little piano 'leading praise and worship' like Mommy!!

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